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Food Prep day

Sep 28, 2020

The tale as old as time, we need to stay steady on our routine life. Yes, things shift, yes life can be overwhelming but if we stay diligent in the things we can control a whole lot can happen in our favour if we persist in making good choices daily.


I'm a highly creative cook in some ways but I don't veer off the path to much when I'm trying either lose weight or just stay focused on my health. I say it all the time, when chosing foods it's important to think variety of colors and variety for taste but using natural ingredients as much as humanly possible. I've been spending some time with mother who has been hit pretty hard with pneumonia so of course I'm trying to make sure that she gets the nutrients she needs to get better quickly. At the same time trying to teach my brothers who have a small learning disability to be a little more conscious about the food they choose. I'm trying to show them how easy it is to make healthy dinners so they can stop eating "hungry man"...

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