Travel Foodie Friday

I have been travelling quite a bit between cities and I find the road to be such a tempting place to get off track. I hear the excuses playing out in my mind that it's easier to just grab drive-thru and it's just for a few days. I think it might even be just because of holidays and the emotional attachments to treats that are triggered every time I get on a plane or in my car but I find that to be the fastest way to feel gross and be irritable. I wanted to mention this because I see it so often with families and kids. In no way am I judging as I do it to myself all the time but as I write this I'm dedicating myself to a different path, a more enjoyable one. It's all about resetting when we get off track these days while I dedicate myself to this 90 Happy Healthy Days before Chistmas. It's about the little reminders that we all need to stay focused on the truth.  What you choose to eat will directly affect every part of your life and that's why we need to be aware and stop ignoring the signs. Here are some key signs that you may need to focus some time on your diet:

  • You feel like you have no energy at the end of your workday for your family or friends. 
  • You have no energy for a workout.
  • You have trouble sleeping... ( this can be from a lot of things but many times it's something simple like drinking coffee too late in the day or having some other form of caffeine or stimulant)
  • You can't seem to lose the weight you put on over your last holiday. ( This can be related to hormones, stress or alcohol consumption but looking at your diet is the first step in ruling anything out)
  • You have trouble focusing. ( Again, this can be related to other things but often it's something simple in your diet you can change. Lack of

It's not that it's impossible and quite frankly these days it's easy enough to plan some road trip food. It's no different than planning your lunch for work or school really. It requires the same effort and planning. In the end, it's really just deciding ahead of time what your goals for the trip are and how you'd like to feel. If drained and irritable is the aim, by all means, fast food and junk food is the answer. I'm not denying that I too enjoy holidays like that, in fact, sometimes it's good to have them once and a while to remember why you don't eat like that all the time but if you want your work trip or your family time to be enjoyable, eating for energy is the best.  


Here are some of my favourite road trip snacks:

  • Almonds ( just be careful not to overeat these, they are high in calories and fat, the good fat, but I don't eat more than a handful each day. Determine for yourself your limit and stick to it.)
  • bananas
  • PB and jelly sandwich
  • Apples
  • Cut up cucumbers, peppers, and hummus 
  • Water ( avoid all other beverages and make sure to get the water in)
  • Sandwiches
  • boiled eggs


Avoid protein bars and other packaged food as much as possible. Don't be fooled by food marketing. These kinds of bars have just as much sugar if not more than your regular chocolate bar. Don't believe me, just grab a few and compare the ingredients, it will blow your mind. 


Enjoy your weekend and if you are traveling for the holiday, make sure to go prepared. 

Have a great weekend.





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