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What isn’t happening! Busy times August.

Hey folks,

Sorry I’ve had such a hard time keeping up over on this blog with so many things happening with BMM right now. We are in the last month of the Bikini Model Search 12 week transformation program. I’ve been booking trips organizing photographers, and promoting the next challenge that comes this September as well as doing videos, working on my photography and trying to have a decent summer of my own. Shoot, I forgot to mention the pop up bootcamps I’ve been just starting. If you are looking for a job.. I’m hiring, lol, I just need a clone:) I’m kidding, I do what I love and I love what I do, what can I say, it’s all so exciting really. I’ve met so many awesome people this year and life is in a beautiful flow right now.

So, with that short blurb of what’s happening, if you want to contact me about anything at all please do. I love hearing from you guys. After all all my passions and programs would be nothing without the amazing BMM Fit Fam, the sponsors and companies that help everything come together. I am first and foremost a promoter of all things awesome and people as well as companies I see making a difference. If you really want to see what I’ve been up to on the day to day I urge you to follow my sometimes amusing snapchat. I keep it real there and I am also much better at keeping everyone posted through that app. It’s so RIGHT NOW.

Snapchat- clairemarierae

As for what’s coming up, I’ve been thinking about going to the Olympia with no real solid plans as of yet. I did have a photography (as me behind the camera)  request so maybe if you are interested in that I could make a plan to do some shooting. Let me know what you think.

Ok, back to work and planning for me. Chat soon.

Love ya,


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