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This is what we did in Las Vegas- BMM




We had an awesome time in Las Vegas with the BMM Olympia weekend shootout. I’m so excited that I get to bring some of my experiences with long time friends in the industry to new fitness enthusiasts. It’s been great building awesome relationships with photographers over the years and being able to see them create magic with new models. I have worked with a ton of photographers over the years and I’m sad to tell you that they do not all have good intensions. I am glad that I am able to advise girls and suggest the good ones. It helps girls save time, money and their dignity. I have been put in too many compromising situations to ever allow that to happen to any of  my BMM members. I feel it’s truly important to teach people about the truth about the industry. I am sick to death of what I have seen and heard over the years. No paying model should ever be compromising what they want out of their photoshoot to please a photographer’s agenda. They should get to wear what makes them feel good and receive their images in a timely fashion.

I have known Harry and Allen Grigsby for 10 years and they are 2 of my favourite photographers. It’s not just about the work they produce, but the fun atmosphere that they create for everyone they work with. They are so chill and relaxed. They are the kind of people that make newbies feel comfortable but obviously are no stranger to shooting huge campaigns and super models. They are loving and kind and these are the qualities that help make models feel comfortable to be themselves, which in turn leads to great pictures.

Love these guys. #Twinning





You are more than welcome to join me for the next round. You just need to make sure you learn the ropes. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. www.bodymakeovermovement.com

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