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The Next Bikini Mode Challenge

I guess it’s that time again where we start dreaming about hot vacations… Or maybe that’s just a Canadian thing. It snowed here today and for some reason I felt extra motivated to get all the details put together for the next BMM Bikini Model Challenge. Fit Soul is my favourite of all the challenges and we are currently in it but for some reason I just could feel that people are ready to get competitive with themselves again and that people are hungry for opportunity. So, here we go, it’s going to be so much fun putting together this next challenge as I am partnering up with Nicci Lee from Calgary and we are going to overhaul the program and get more video content than ever before. In face I’m headed to Calgary this week for the next month to film and promote. I’m really looking forward to working with Nicci, she is such a bombshell diva.


Hey, just so you know will we are getting all the details together you can join for the early bird pricing and if you are VIP go and use the VIP coupon too and save a ton.


K, that’s all for now, but if you have any topics you’d like me to hit on my YouTube challenge let me know, I’ve been making time for those while I drive;)


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