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The Body Makeover Movement’s Fit Soul Challenge

I am currently working on the BMM Fit Soul Challenge. It’s been quite the journey coming up with the workouts and content. I use a lot of my own personal experience when coming up with the outlines to The Body Makeover Movement’s challenges. I have spoke to many, many clients over the years and have found that finding fitness comes from all different places. Many times people turn to fitness like they turn to religion, through pain. We all react differently when things go bad. I am one of those people that usually tries to turn my heart breaks into something positive. It has launched me into all kinds of places in my life. I like to teach these principles on how to change your mind and keep positive to repair and heal from pain. This challenge has come from a personal place and from my own journey.

I got engaged right after I launched the first BMM challenge in January. It was an amazing experience, I couldn’t be happier. It was shortly after the wedding planning began where we realized we may not be ready for such a commitment. Our lives were taking different paths and it was evident that a wedding would not be happening as planned. I was devastated by this. It nearly knocked me out of the game all together. I had my business to run but I could barely run my own life. I sat in bed for days and could barely go to the grocery store without having a melt down. The saddest was trying to take over my life in every way, Mentally, physically and emotionally. I felt like everything I had ever dreamed of had just come to a sudden end. You may or may not know what this is like but all I can say is I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.

During the first 3 months I questioned everything I was doing. I was wondering if I should continue on with BMM or if I should try at a new career. Mainly because I just wanted to crawl into a hole and not be me anymore. It was really hard to post happy posts and be a happy fitness model when I was dying inside.

I wrote in my journal everyday and hoped that things would change. I prayed like crazy over my relationship and my business. I could not seem to figure out what to do. So I made plans to get out of town and visit long time friends and family in hopes of refilling my empty hole.

Jesus came along side me and started whispering hope back into my heart. I started seeing things differently and I started to feel alive again. My heart still hurt for months after that and sometimes it still does but I have decided that my spirit can heal and with my pain I can create something from the things I have learned. I feel better than ever and believe with everything in me that this challenge is going to be great and the people that are suppose to be part of it will be. I listened to so many podcasts and have been searching and listening and practicing the simple things that I have included in this program. I believe these practices are what have helped me heal quickly and move forward with excitement for the future.

I was at church one Sunday and heard about the Women’s Outreach program. It’s a charity that help women that deal with domestic violence. I have once a upon a time been in those shoes a long time ago and I have had friends that have dealt with this. It’s a very important cause and I want to help in any way I can. I have decided to give a portion of the registration fee to this cause. With the help from members we will be able to help a lot of women and families.

BMM is completely funded by member registrations. I hope that it can reach many more people before the end of the year. I had a goal of getting 1000 people in shape this year with this all natural program. I really feel like it’s an important message with all the foods and industry ads out there, I really want to see people simplify their lives and get back to the basics. It’s the best way to live.

Thanks for stopping in and if you have ever been in one of those places I encourage you to check out the Fit Soul Challenge. www.bodymakeovermovement.com 

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