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Spring Fling- Fashion

Here we are and spring is in full swing. I love it! Now it’s time to start pulling out the white pants and putting together cute outfits.


I really wanted a pair of white ripped pants. As you will start seeing I can not give up the grunge princess in me. I’ve always wondered why I feel the need to where ripped pants but almost all of my jeans have wholes in them. I might have to work on that, haha. I do have to say for my body type high waisted jeans have been the best thing since Menchies came to town. I have a long torso, which is great for ab shots but it can be hard for me to get that long legged look. So with a pair of stiletto shoes and these high waisted jeans I can give the illusion of those long model legs we all wish we had. Hey, work with what you have right;)


I got these High Waisted Jeans at AMI Club, but you can also find them http://amzn.to/2qoGvFK

Shoes you can also get from AMI. They always have amazing deals and I find the shoes fit right to size.

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