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I have some openings for Personal training at Iron Empire

It all came unexpectedly but I ended up in Calgary to work on the Bikini Model Challenge with Bikini Model and coach Nicci Lee. As soon as I got here Nicci injured her knee at soccer and then even worse right after we got back from LA where we shot the ad campaigns for Prize Tribe and The Body Makeover Movement .   Nicci’s injury has changed plans slightly but more than anything has got me thinking about getting back into the training game. Nicci asked me to fill in while she needs some actual down time with her leg and whole body and so I’ve been picking up the slack for her at Iron Empire. I forgot how much I love working with people one on one and in group classes, it’s awesome. So, hey how about that? An injury to bring new opportunities. So what I’m saying is if you would like to train with me  feel free to email me for rates and times. I don’t have a ton of slots open but I will try and make things work the best I can if you are really ready to take your fitness to that next level or you are just really needing some support, education or some motivation. Let’s sit down and talk about it and see if I can help.


Anyways, there are some classes I will be teaching during November so at least come by grab a membership or do a dropin or just come say hi during the week sometime in November while they have me on the schedule.


I have openings between 6am-1pm daily. Just email me for details and we can set up a consultation. If you need another time let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

email: claire@clairerae.com

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