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Summer Events Schedule

Bootcamp and Event Calendar
Bootcamp and Event Calendar

Bootcamp and Event Calendar

Keep watch for updates as more events will be added to this calendar.



Bootcamps will take place at the park on Lakeshore Drive in Sylvan lake. I will be traveling during the summer, so times will be limited. The bootcamps are free unless you feel like tipping me;) All you have to do is bring your mat and water bottle and we will try and get in a solid 20 minute H.I.I.T workout. Nothing crazy, just high intensity for a short 30 minutes. Bring your kids, they can play at the park.

If you are nervous, please just email me, I will make you feel comfy. Let’s just do it!! claire@clairerae.com


As for BMM events and the Fitness Model Bootcamp event that’s planned to take place in August, you MUST be signed up to this newsletter  http://eepurl.com/zNqrr  to get the details. We are planning to through an informative fitness model and personal training seminar for the serious business person or people that want to learn the inside secrets of the industry.