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For the art of it- Fashion Diary

I didn’t come with my hair or makeup done. I was a little tired yet busy minded. With the Fit Soul Charity Challenge going on and the next Bikini Model 12 week transformation program in the works, it was a little tough to let loose. I didn’t pack anything but one body suit I was wearing and a pair of old jeans I probably wear too much. To be honest I was little embarrassed that I was so unprepared. I walked in and Brian asked me what my 3 words were that would describe me or the shoot I was hoping to come out with. I honestly couldn’t say, I just stuttered and said.. Let’s just see who I am today. As I know, and as any woman knows, we women have many sides. Who we become in each moment depends on so many factors, many in which are not controllable. I am who I am in all of it, even in a moment of playing a part as directed. So with that he through some outfits and accessories at me and I couldn’t help but grab that big cross and immediately put it on, as if it was going to save me from what was about to happen. I get nervous shooting with new photographers and I get nervous to let myself go. I often get shoot remorse because my sexy side always wants to take over. I think after wrestling this to the ground I may be ok sharing a little more with you.

The question is how I feel about it after is more where I believe the 3 words should be addressed. My three words are: Free, confident, conflicted. My intent is to represent all artists in the light in which they wish to be displayed. I enjoyed working with Brian from West Studio and his team of artists. They made me feel comfortable to just relax and play in the moment. He directed and I went with the flow. It was a great experience and I’ll be doing it again soon.

Amazing team work with IG@prettymemakeup

Jewelly by Karen McFarlene

📷 IG@west_studio


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