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Fit Soul Charity Challenge

We have been shooting all week and taking in photo submissions from those who live the fitness lifestyle. BMM is just finishing up the year end Fit Soul Challenge and the program is based on taking care of yourself so that you can in turn have the energy to take care of your friends, family and those that may need a little helping hand. Having a fit soul is about a healthy mindset, a positive attitude and giving back. In todays world we focus a lot on self and that is important but true personal growth should bring you past yourself and to a place where you can focus on helping others. These fit souls have learned the fitness lifestyle and have decided to take their journey to the next level by raising money for their favourite charity throughout the month of December. You still have time to submit. If you have been living a fitness lifestyle and have a professional fitness picture you can take part too. BMM will be putting together a personalized prize pack for whoever raises the most money for their charity. Last day to submit is Nov 30th, so do it today!


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