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Fidgets- All the cool kids have one!

All the cool kids have one!!

Obviouly we can see this trend kicking into high gear and if you’re my age I’m sure you remember when pogs took over. It’s craziness yes, but if your kid doesn’t have at least one, you should probably start worrying about them. I know parents are the ones that buy these things so I thought I’d share where you can get them cheap, especially since I had a friend just folk out 40 bucks for two of them.


I think Fidgets are fun for now; these kinds of trends will come and go, so think about how much you want to invest. I do personally enjoy playing with mine and I can see both adults and kids having a fun time with them so grab yourself one and one for your kids before you hit the fair and pay double or triple the price.


You can buy these things from anywhere form $4.00 to $50.00 but I doubt the kids will know how much you spent.





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