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Fashion- Freddy Jeans

Hey girls,

I thought I would start sharing a few of my favourite things with you. I have learned lots of tricks over the years on how to look good and save money. I always believe that looking good is a choice and with the right products beauty and fashion can be achieved no matter what you were born with.  Fashion and beauty come with the job when you are constantly in front of the camera like I am. More than that, taking care of yourself just makes a girl feel good. I have found that on my own I have my definite favourites and go to’s when it comes to the clothes I choose to wear and the makeup I keep in my over night bag. I do though, have way more than I need and feel that maybe you’d like to know what I think is worth the money and what I don’t. Hopefully you will gain something from these fashion and beauty blogs.

Let’s talk about my latest IG posts about Freddy Jean’s. I truly think it’s rare when a company comes up with a unique clothing idea. I do really love these pants. They are easily dressed up or down. They are ultra comfy and fit at all times of the month if you know what I mean. They have a unique elastic and silicone band that make the pants sit where they are suppose to. The only thing I have heard is that they fit small. I’m not exactly sure how that is. I ordered a small as I would say I am small. I’m 5’4’’ tall and I have a long torso. I ordered the ones with the shorter legs and they fit right to my ankle. They  pair perfect with stilettos, sneakers or flip flops. They go on like leggings but look like jeans. Love them.

You can order a pair here www.livify.ca or there are Freddy stores in a few cities here in Canada. They are on the upper side of $100 a pair but because they are so versatile I believe they are worth the splurge. I also find traveling with them ideal. They don’t take up much space in my suitcase and they are light. This is a big deal when you carry as much makeup and shoes around as I do._LL_671212046638_1004447109607509_2157551661343568163_n


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