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Winter Wonderland- Vernon, BC

Getting outside is so important for me over the holidays. I was so lucky to be invited out to Vernon for a family Christmas in the mountains.  Family time is amazing but with all the food and sometimes drinks, getting outside is the only way I know how to stay sane. I must have an escape plan. This was perfect in every way possible, the snow was just right and although it was cold out I was bundled up and was quite  toasty warm. It was hard not to stop and just listen to the trees sway in the wind, it was truly magical. It’s places like this that I often find myself looking at real estate in the area on my way home, because who wouldn’t want to live there. I think anyone who has spent some time in the mountains like this will find that there is something so unique and romantic about it.


The great thing about Silver Star is that you can rent anything you need. We went snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. Some people prefer to buy and bring their own gear. If you plan on making it a part of your life I would also suggest investing. Now that I know these sports are available I am thinking of investing in some gear for myself. It will save the cost over time. I bought my snowboard years almost 10 years ago and although I haven’t had a ton of time to go in past years I’m sure glad to have it when the occasion arrises.  We didn’t want to bring our snowboards on this trip because the cost of traveling on airplanes sometimes just isn’t with it if you don’t know if you’ll use them.



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