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Back on the podcast.

As I was trying to figure out how I was going to manage BMM content, school, and the photography side jobs I was really starting to feel overwhelmed. After all, I could not decide which to give up, I just couldn’t do it. All of the things I have been working on are very important to me and they all take a ridiculous amount of time. As I took some well needed time off this summer from content creating I realized that I often find I can burn out because of everything I want to do. So, over a few months of thinking about all the platforms to reach people and which way to go I think podcasts are my best bet at this point. Although I love shooting videos and creating cool visual art it is simply unrealistic for me to be able to do all that and go to school full time. My podcast will be good for both of us. For you, you can listen to it on the go and for me I can interview more people, and there is quite a bit less editing work as I will just be speaking off the cuff and hitting topics people are asking about.

So, hopefully you can follow along and I will try my best to get something new up often. You should be able to also follow me on iTunes as well.

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