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Back in the bush

I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time in the mountains up here in Canada. It’s so much more than just a beautiful place to be. For those that live here, it’s a lifestyle. I wanted to come and see what they do for fun and what makes them think where they live is where it’s at.

I have always felt at peace in the mountains. Whether it’s the summer heat and a camp fire or the crisp cold air of a freshly dropped snowfall. There is just something about this place that makes me want to rethink my own lifestyle. Honestly it’s just a simple life but full of adventure and real exercise the way God intended. I find it easy to forget my regular stresses up here. I’m not sure what has kept me away so long.


Ryan is my girlfriend Bree’s Husband and he allowed me to take some pics of him just doing his regular afternoon activities. We talked about why bush life is right for him and his family and what brought him out of his 13 years in the city. He is a Revelstoke native of 4 generations and you can tell there is something special about being raised here.  I know just by watching them live their lives that their daughter will have an amazing upbringing.  They just live a life that makes me wonder why more people aren’t living here. Maybe it’s all about timing or perhaps opportunity. You have to be ok with the elements of course and enjoy simplicity.

As for me, I do love this place and can see myself spending a season or two here, but I want to see the whole world and must keep moving to do so.

I hope you enjoy my afternoon forest photoshoot with Ryan in Revelstoke, BC, Canada.

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