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Aspiring Fitness Professionals Seminar Aug 11-13th

I have had a ton of emails and interest about what it takes to become a fitness professional. This includes how to get in magazines and on covers, all the way up to how to run your own fitness company. What are the opportunities in the industry and how to create opportunity where there is non.

This seminar is an exclusive informative opportunity for anyone that is already in the fitness industry or would like to get into the fitness profession. I am a straight shooter and you will get the truth about what it’s like in this industry and how to cut the B.S. and get to your goals without being used. I have been in this industry for 15 years and I have learned a ton that I wish someone would have told me from the start.

You can succeed but you will need to know the misconceptions and get straight to the bottom line if you want to be successful. Let me show you how and where to look for ripe opportunities.

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The seminar will be held in Los Angeles, California, August 11-13th. Location will be provided upon registration. 

As for rooming budget, allow for $150-$200USD for Friday and Saturday night. If you are in the LA area you won’t need to book a room.

**** A minimum of 25 participants will need to be registered by July 15th or you will be refunded your money if a cancellation of event occurs.


Tentative Bootcamp and Seminar Schedule

Friday Aug 11

7pm- 9pm

Meet and greet. This time will be a good time to get to know others and submit any topics you may want covered. This could be anything from contacts, online marketing and modelling opportunities, events, local business.

This is will be for online trainers and those that want all the inside details to online training, event creations, collaboration and creating contacts.

Saturday Aug 12
10-11 Bootcamp fitness warm up morning
12- Break for lunch

2-5 Seminar- Aspiring Fitness Professionals, Fitness Models, Online Trainers, Social Media Info.

6- 7 Break for dinner

7- 9 Final Seminar inquiries and opportunity round up.

Sunday Aug 13- Photoshoot opportunity.  

This day is open to anyone that would like to get some professional shots in. I have been connected with some of the leading top photographers in the industry. Discounted pricing on photohoots for this event will be available to seminar attendees and BMM VIP members. Upon registration if you have ever wanted to be in magazines or you specifically would like to work with a photographer in the industry, let me know and I’ll do my best to hook it up for you.

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