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New season, new collaborations

Here we are well into a new season and a new challenge. This summer whipped by as per usual. I was lucky to be invited to work with Strong Magazine as their behind the scenes photographer. As usual I got to talking about events and what was on the board for the coming season. Both Annette and Nicci have years of training and fitness modelling under their belts, it’s only natural for me to want to collaborate on something with these talents. BMM is going through the Fit Soul season, The program that is built for reflection and Soul feeding. It’s only appropriate that I would be thinking about what we will be doing in the coming year to get people excited again. I feel that bringing people together is one thing that is needed for a great organization to thrive. That being said, get ready for new events and reasons to get together. I am excited to be working with these ladies on something new. Www.bodymakeovermovement.com


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